Who may file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

At your initial consultation, an experienced Columbus Bankruptcy Lawyer, will gather information about your personal financial situation to determine whether or not you should or may file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you receive a discharge of all unsecured debt with the exception of domestic support obligations, student loans, and some tax debt.

The first determination to be made is your gross household income over the past six months and your household family size. If your income is under a certain amount for your family household size then you will most likely qualify to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy with respect to your income.

Considerations to be made when deciding whether or not to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

One of Dailey Law Offices’ experienced Columbus Bankruptcy Lawyers will discuss with you other considerations besides income to be made when deciding whether or not to file a Chapter 7. Some considerations include your assets and the value of those assets as well as whether or not you are in arrearages on your mortgage payment if you own a home and wish to keep your home.

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