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Telling Your Creditors You are Filing for Bankruptcy

Should you or Shouldn’t you tell? In general telling your creditors you are filing for bankruptcy should help you.  Once you have retained an attorney you can tell your creditors that you have done so and that they need to contact your attorney regarding any debt you may own.  The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act […]

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Identity Theft and your Credit

How to protect your identity from being stolen The easiest way to protect your identity from being stolen is to continuously monitor your credit and protect important information such as account numbers, creditor information, and your social security number.  Many credit monitoring companies offer low monthly fees to pull your credit at any time and […]

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Chapter 13 Cramdowns

What is a Chapter 13 Cramdown? A Chapter 13 Cramdown allows you to reduce the balance of a secured loan and pay a lower interest rate on that loan. Most often debtors use the cramdown on vehicles, but if all of the conditions apply it can be used on other secured loans. How does a […]

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