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Why would a bankruptcy trustee apply to appoint legal counsel?

When you file for bankruptcy you must appear in front of a trustee, who has the responsibility of overseeing your bankruptcy. While the trustee mainly has the duty to review the bankruptcy petition, examine the debtor under oath, and oversee the payment of creditors, there are times when a trustee might actually need to hire […]

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Chapter 13 and Divorce

You and your spouse filed a joint Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and now things have gone south with your marriage. If you and your spouse are facing a divorce after you’ve filed Chapter 13, there are several things to consider. First and foremost, your bankruptcy attorney may face a conflict of interest if you and your […]

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Tax Implications of Debt Settlement

How Debt Settlement Works A debt settlement company acts as a middleman to help you negotiate your debt.  The first thing that a debt settlement company will likely instruct you to do is to stop paying your credit cards.  The debt settlement company will then contact the creditor and negotiate a settlement for your outstanding […]

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