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Mediation and Divorce-Why it’s a great idea.

The majority of clients who walk through my front door want an amicable divorce.  They have been communicating effectively with their spouse and both parties have been able to compromise on most issues.  However, there is always that one issue-usually involving children if there are any-or some sort of financial obligation, like spousal support, that […]

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Navigating the Divorce Process Amicably-With Small Children

Divorce is never easy.  Typically emotions run high and more often than not there are several issues that are somewhat contentious.  If you add small children to the mix-it can really get messy.  Here’s the thing, though-you can roll up your sleeves and roll around in the dirt when it comes up to dividing up […]

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Representing yourself in a divorce

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to represent yourself in your divorce proceeding. This is especially true when you and your spouse are in agreement about how to split everything. This is considered an uncontested divorce or a dissolution and is easily settled with the help of the court. It’s even simpler if […]

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