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Estate planning after divorce

Going through a divorce or dissolution can be a tedious, time-consuming, and emotional process. Receiving the final decree can feel like a huge relief; however, there is another important thing to consider after your divorce is final. Planning for your future changes dramatically after your marriage ends. For those who already have wills, powers of […]

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Forensic Accounting

Divorce is never a pleasant process – it involves a lot of emotion and a struggle to reach compromises. Many times, these heightened emotions and an increased stress level can lead to disagreements and mistrust when it comes to the family’s finances. Often times during a divorce process, there is a spouse who is less-aware […]

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Bankruptcy and Divorce

Divorce or Bankruptcy-which comes first? Unfortunately, in many circumstances divorce and bankruptcy fall hand in hand. Couples often decide to end their marriage due to financial difficulty and the question becomes should you file bankruptcy before you file for divorce or petition for dissolution or vice versa. The answer really depends on your response to the following […]

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