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Valuation Services: How much do you actually have?

When an individual files bankruptcy, there is often a dispute between the debtor and his creditors as to how much money the debtor actually has available to pay off his obligations. In these situations, a bankruptcy court (or the individual debtor) may implement a valuation service to determine the worth of assets from an objective […]

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Income Considered When Determining Eligibility for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

What income does the court consider when determining a debtor’s eligibility for filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? Any income that a debtor receives other than social security or social security disability income will be considered by the court in the means test.  Very, simply put the means test is the method of calculating your average […]

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Reasonable and Necessary Expenses in a Bankruptcy

Why a court looks at a debtor’s expenses. Two things that a bankruptcy court looks for in a bankruptcy petition are a debtor’s income and expenses. This is important because in order to file a Chapter 7 the debtor must make less than a determined amount for his/or her family size or be unable to pay a minimum […]

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